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Weddings are one of the most beautiful and emotionally charged events a man or a woman will experience in their lifetime. Since we live in tough economic times, all couples are looking for an affordable way to celebrate their love by holding a small wedding ceremony. Even though many young couples don’t have enough money to organize the event of their dreams as they would like, they still find ways to organize a decent affair for their special day.  According to the research conducted last year at the University of Virginia, 60% of all couples spend more money on their wedding than they had previously planned. The average cost of a US wedding is between $27 000 to $31 000. Even though this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, there is no need to spend that much money to throw a dream-like wedding reception when you can elope with your loved one or throw an inexpensive B&B wedding.

 If you want to elope with your soon-to-be-spouse or simply throw an intimate wedding, local wedding destinations VA are perfect for you.

Top Bed and Breakfast Wedding

If you have opted for a destination wedding, you can choose between a number of intimate and romantic settings, starting from booking boutique bed and breakfasts and inns to lodges and guesthouses. Usually, if the reception is being held at an inn, you can book free rooms and provide proper accommodation for your guests one or multiple days before and after the wedding. If your chosen bed and breakfast wedding location has a ranch, a golf course, a vine vineyard, a nice park with lake or a garden, you can organize a few welcome activities the day before, such as wine tasting, horseback riding, a mini golf tournament and similar. 

If you don’t have a lot of time to organize your special day, pick a leading venue with all inclusive elopement packages. All brides and grooms are usually quite stressed out about their big day, so the easier you can make everything for the wedding day, the better. For example, the best small wedding venues always provide additional wedding services that will take out all the hassle out of the marriage ceremony. Choose a place that has the following services:

•    Catering services
•    Photographers and videographers
•    Musicians and entertainers
•    Wedding cake suppliers
•    Wedding planners
•    Decoration suppliers and florists
•    A priest or minister

Usually, wedding reception venues that have most of these services are partnered with local business meaning they will often have a discount you otherwise can’t have access to. Since everyone is on a certain budget, reputable B&B wedding reception and accommodation providers have found ways to satisfy all the needs of their customers. Their main goal is to provide a few options to cater to all budgets and enable every couple to celebrate their love and special day as they deserve. No matter which low budget wedding reception site you pick in the end, don’t forget that every place can be exactly what you have envisioned if you put in a little effort. 

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